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posted Apr 9, 2017, 1:37 PM by Julie Deeley
 We are always on the alert in case of an Earthquake, Tsunami etc and have regular evacuation practices.
In the event of a sudden emergency when the school would have to evacuated immediately this is what would happen:

1]    Buses would be deployed in the first instance and pick all children/staff up from in front of the Church in Kelly Street.
2]    Buses would then transport all children/staff to Riverlock Packhouse where all would remain until the ‘all clear’ is given.

I do realise (having grown up in the flood era) that in times of emergency parents do rush to school to pick up their own children and this is to be expected, but the above is cover for those who cannot make it to the school in time.
At our last Board of Trustees Meeting procedures for the unlikely event of a ‘Lock Down’ were discussed and a policy adopted.