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Alert Levels Affect Some Changes

posted Jun 29, 2020, 6:25 PM by Julie Deeley

Auckland Trip:
It is tradition that every second year our Year 7 & 8s go to Auckland for the
week and are billeted with the students from Carmel College for three
nights, and stay as a group on the final night with the adults accompanying
them from Opotiki. Unfortunately, due to the current situation Carmel
College is unable to commit to hosting our students.
However, a solution has been reached. It has been decided that only the
Year 8’s will go this year and stay all together in a Motel with the adults for
the whole time. The trip has been shortened but we will still be able to fit
in all the normal activities.

As you are well aware we have transitioned from Full Lockdown to Alert
Level Three, to Alert Level Two and now in Alert Level One. In order to
adjust and respond to the transition through the Alert levels we were
faced with having to either adapt, postpone or cancel many school events.
Hopefully next term things will be back to normal with sporting and
cultural events recommencing. Be aware though, that the Delamere Cup
has been cancelled for this year. This is usually held in September.